St. Louis Park State Fair Ribbon Winners

Keeping you up to date on local talent on display at the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

The Minnesota State Fair is always a great showcase of this state's talent, and plenty of talent can be found here in St. Louis Park. Today, we're posting the local state fair ribbon winners—so far. We'll update this post periodically as the fair goes on:

  • Alexander Utecht, Decorated eggs, Ukranian Easter, beginner, 5th place
  • Mary Maynard, Perennials, four different varieties or colors, 5th place
  • Mary Maynard, Hosta collection, 2" and under, four varieties, 1st place
  • Mary Maynard, Hosta Collection, 2"-5", four varieties, 1st place
  • Mary Maynard, Dahlias, four different varieties or colors, 2nd place
  • Mary Maynard, Colored foliage, four different varieties or color, 3rd place
  • Mary Maynard, Exhibitors Choice, annuals/perennials, 2nd place
  • Mary Flaten, Not otherwise specified (jams category), 3rd place
  • Mary Flaten, Zucchini relish, 2nd place
  • Ruth Crego, Vacation, 12" x 12"Scrapbooking, 4th place
  • Jana Agrey, Free hand painting on wood, 2nd place
  • Susann DeTienne, Mosaic, on 3-D form, 4th place
  • Carol Henderson, Large bed, group quilt, pieced, appliqued or mixed, 3rd place
  • Carol Henderson, Garment, pieced or appliqued, hand or machine, 2nd place
  • Laura Given, Shawl or stole, heavy weight yarn, 6th place
  • Jennifer Presnell, Shawl, lightweight yarn, 16 in. or more in width, 4th place
  • Jennifer Presnell, Adult Sweater, texture cardigan, 3rd place
  • Jennifer Presnell, Adult sweater, limited use, color pattern cardigan, 3rd place
  • Jennifer Presnell, 3 Kittens Needle Arts (hand dyed sweater 362-372), 1st place
  • Jennifer Presnell, The Yarn Garage (judges choice lots 359-375), 1st place
  • Jennifer Presnell, Hand spun novelty yarn, 2nd place
  • Lisa Pannell, Scarf, lightweight yarn, less than 16 in. wide, 3rd place
  • Lisa Pannell, Adult swater, plain pullover, 4th place
  • Jennifer Williams, Socks, solid, texture, 4th place
  • Emma Duda ( - Grade 8), Drawing - markers, 1st place
  • Eli Roehlkepartain ( - Grade 10), Drawing - oil crayons (Craypas), 3rd place
  • Ryan McCanna (St. Louis Park High School - Grade 10), Drawing - ink and ball point pen, 4th place
  • Ryan McCanna, Reports, 3rd place
  • Lucy Rose Fischer, "A Time To Dance" (Reverse Paint On Hand Blown Glass), 5th place


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