Three With SLP Ties Take on Crashed Ice

They competed in St. Paul over the weekend.

Three people with St. Louis Park connections took on the twists and turns of the Crashed Ice course in front of the St. Paul Cathedral over the weekend.

In the Crashed Ice event, skaters went down a 1,300-foot course that started near the steps of the Cathedral. A number of sharp turns and quick drops explained the "crashed" title, as skaters often ended up sliding down the track on their backs or stomachs.

Former St. Louis Park hockey player Jon Kesely was the highest placing local finisher, as he advanced to Saturday's final round and took 61st. Another former Oriole hockey player, B.J. Bayers, was eliminated on Friday night and took 85th place. St. Louis Park resident Tom Reid was also eliminated on Friday and finished 98th.

You can see a full photo gallery on .


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