Should Jabs Have Been on Ice After BSM Won State?

Jack Jablonski did not participate in the ceremony due to MSHSL rules.

victory in the on Saturday is deservedly getting plenty of attention, but many fans are also talking about what happened—or, more specifically, didn't happen—after the game.

Jack Jablonski, the BSM sophomore hockey player who sustained a serious spinal cord injury during a game on Dec. 30, was not on the ice to celebrate with the Red Knights and receive a medal.

Dave Stead, the executive director of the Minnesota State High School League, offered this explanation on the MSHSL Facebook page:

A number of people have asked questions about why Jack Jablonski was not on the ice for the award ceremony on Saturday night. Jack was not listed as a member of the official roster, but the League staff worked directly with the school and the coaching staff to ensure that Jack could be an important part of his school team before and following each game.

Liability concerns also played a role, Stead said:

In order to make sure the $2 million Lifetime Catastrophic Insurance policy the League purchases for each athlete was not at risk, the League's insurance carrier was contacted. I was informed that if an accident of any type would have occurred, the insurance claim may well have been jeopardized.

The MSHSL joins everyone in Minnesota and beyond in wishing Jack all the best in the future.

Jablonski did take the ice after , but he was not completely left out of the state festivities. He and his family watched the games from an Xcel Energy Center suite, and he visited with his teammates in the locker room after they won the championship.

We want to hear what you think about this issue—answer our poll question below, then leave a comment about why you think Jablonski should or shouldn't have been on the ice.

Greg Rye March 13, 2012 at 02:37 PM
In my world....Jack is ON THE ICE!!!!!
Joe March 13, 2012 at 09:46 PM
Sentiment should never trump common sense. In this case, putting Jack's 2m. insurance policy at risk flies in the face of the advice of anyone who has even the slightest knowlege of insurance regulations. Advocating for such a foolhardy action is selfish and entirely self-serving.


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