Jablonski Feels Sensation in Shin, Toes

The injured Benilde-St. Margaret's hockey player is rehabbing in Minneapolis.

Jack Jablonski, the sophomore hockey player who sustained a severe spinal cord injury during a game on Dec. 30, felt some sensation in his shin and toes this past week, according to a post on his CaringBridge page.

Jablonski reported the feeling during an acupuncture session. He was also able to lean forward for about five seconds, which he used as an opportunity for some humor, Jack's mom, Leslie, wrote:

Unfortunately I missed this event, but Jack took much pleasure in teasing me with his report on his newly acquired task. He said he was "hungover," then shot me that amusing grin. 

Of course he was hung over, literally. And to think he was able to balance himself by leaning forward, and with a nine-pound halo still attached to his head and upper body, was pretty incredible.

Sunday night was also busy for the Jablonski family, as was held to raise funds for the Jack Jablonski Fund:

Mike (Jack's dad) and I were beyond amazed at the incredible turnout tonight for Jack. We walked into the Fine Line and could not believe the sea of people packed inside on a Sunday night, and all because they were there to support our son. Simply awe-inspiring. Thank you to all who were involved in coordinating such a fabulous event, and thank you to all who performed at, and attended the affair. 

Jablonski is currently at the Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute and is expected to be released later this spring. Leslie reports that he continues to make progress:

I'm sitting here at Sister Kenny, trying to call it a night, but excited about the progress that Jack made this past week. He's become an expert at navigating a power wheel chair -- not an easy task, trust me on that -- I gave it a whirl and crashed into the walls several times. Anyway, he chased many of the nurses down the hall, flashing that now infamous Jack Jablonski smile, as he so smoothly and confidently operated his wheels.


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