StarTribune Opinion Page: All 3 Op-eds by Benilde-St. Margaret's Students

Topics: Texting too much, abbreviating words too much, speaking without thinking.

The full "Opinion Exchange" page in Wednesday's Star Tribune is devoted to three commentary articles by Benilde-St. Margaret's High School students.

Here are the headlines as they appear in the newspaper, along with a brief excerpt from each op-ed. Click the headlines to read the full commentaries at startribune.com.

"Mend your speech, lest it mar your fortunes: Need a retort? First thought, worst thought. Like Shakespeare, make it sing and sting."
By Jackie Lawyer

I beg you, good sir or madam, take time to consider the matter you wish to discuss. This will allow you to successfully get your point across, and do so in a way that grabs people’s attention. Be patient. Let the vitriol percolate and froth before letting loose. You will be satisfied.

"Dear compulsive texters: Your voice is the next best thing to being there."
By Leni Merriam

Clearly, the world has chosen texting over calling, and there are many problems with this new form of communication. But there is an easy solution to this large social crisis. Instead of ignoring your friend’s call, answer it!

"Listen, peeps ... uh, people: Abbreviating every other word just makes you lazy."
By Xandi Swedberg

The only problem with modern-day communication is that when people start to make up words by shortening actual words, their message can lose its eloquence and importance.



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