SLP Residents are Pleased Pollock is Permanent Principal

After we posted a story Tuesday about St. Louis Park Schools officially naming Clarence Pollock the head of Aquila Elementary School, comments poured in.

On Tuesday, St. Louis Park Schools announced that interim Aquila Elementary School Principal Clarence Pollock is now the permanent head of the school.

Almost as soon as we posted the story on our homepage, in our email newsletter and on social media, compliments came in supporting the decision.

Here's a sampling of the thoughts posted on St. Louis Park Patch:

  • Mildred wrote: "Aquila is lucky to have him—he is wonderful! Finally a good decision from the school board—hopefully this is an indicator of more to come including a better superintendent!"
  • Janel Lewis wrote: "Just wish they would clear Ms Bailey's name as they have never found any evidence as to why they suspended her. She still works for the district and I believe she deserves an apology! She was a great leader! Mr. Pollock is a great leader as well and I congratulate him."

The District put former Principal Freida Bailey on leave in April 2011. In January 2012, the district announced Bailey was to immediately start her new position of "principal on special assignment."

  • Gretchen Halverson wrote: "As the parent of two 1st-graders, I could not be more THRILLED!! I agree completely with Mildred's comments above. Further, I cannot say enough about Mr. Pollock - he knows the name of EVERY student (500+), and most of us parents (well over 1k!), is not only AT every school event but participating and/or leading, and is not only smart and an excellent administrator, but is a kind, caring, and compassionate PERSON. It is obvious from everything Clarence Pollock does that he LOVES what he does - and it shines through every day. Our Aquila kids are so lucky to have him, and I'm THRILLED (surprised, actually) that the Board made the decision to keep him on permanently. THANK YOU, MR. POLLOCK!!"

Readers liked our post on our Facebook page 21 times. We received even more comments on Facebook than we did on our website. Here's what readers said:

Have you weighed in yet? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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Bill Levine February 28, 2013 at 01:28 PM
That is great that the School Board finally made a decision regarding Clarence, unfortunately nobody seems too forthcoming as to what happened to Freida Bailey. I believe a position was created for her at the district office because there was not sufficient evidence to remove her from the school system. Here is another example of a high paid administrative position that was created when this money could be better spent on our children. The entire Freida Bailey situation was handled poorly and we....the taxpayers----are still paying for it!


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