Richfield Referendum: A Message From Superintendent Slotterback

Bob Slotterback has been making the rounds around town to talk about the proposed referendum questions.

The following message from Superintendent Bob Slotterback was recently posted on the Richfield Public Schools District website:

November 6 is Election Day. On that day voters will address two important questions related to school funding.

The first question asks for renewal of an existing levy, which funds approximately $301 per student. Voted in by the public 10 years ago, it must go before the public again for renewal. Renewal of this levy will not change property taxes.

The second question on the ballot asks for an increase of $60 per student. A $60 per student increase in revenue raises taxes on the average home (assessed at $167,022) by $1.33 per month or $16.00 per year. It is important to understand that, although the ballot says $60 per student, this is not how much taxes would increase on the average home; there are many more tax payers than students.

It is never easy to ask for more. The Board weighed the burden of increased taxes against a critical need for increased revenue. The increase represents 2% over and above the previous levy and was determined by the Board of Education based on cost-of-living increases over the previous ten years. It offsets increased expenses related to transportation, supplies, insurances and other costs during a time when state funding has been essentially flat.

We hope that every eligible voter will go to the polls this year. The question about school levies is important. Please give these questions careful consideration before casting a vote. Additional information, including Frequently Asked Questions, General Information Brochure, Superintendent’s PowerPoint and School Flyer, are linked to this site.

If you have questions about this issue, please contact me.


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Barry L. October 26, 2012 at 02:20 PM
My name is Barry LeBlanc and I support the Richfield School Levy. A $1.33 per month will Strengthening the school district. A strong school system sends a message to Prospective home owners that we are a vibrant city. If you are a senor reading this article, you have more than likely sent your own children through Richfield school system. With a Strong school system housing values increase. It is a win win for all. Please support Doctor Slotterback and the Richfield children!!!
Robert October 26, 2012 at 03:53 PM
We must vote YES for our schools. They're our most important community asset. Let's keep Richfield a desirable place to live and a target market for young families.


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