WATCH: Hendrickson, Peterson Campaign for Top Spot in Albertville

The two candidates to replace Mark Meehan as Albertville Mayor took center stage at last week's STMA Women of Today Candidate Forum.

Albertville City Council member Jillian Hendrickson and former Albertville Mayor Don Peterson took center stage last week as the two candidates for Albertville Mayor participated in the Women of Today's Candidate Forum. 

Peterson, a two-term mayor who served prior to Ron Klecker and current Mayor Mark Meehan, pounded the current council and mayor on its handling of the firing of former administrator Larry Kruse, who was dismissed last summer. 

"This is a friendly city, not a place like Washington," Peterson said. "What they did was wrong." 

Hendrickson defended being part of the 3-2 vote to dismiss Kruse, saying in the long term it was best for the city. She also said the city and council are on the right track to move ahead. 

Watch the full discussion in the video, captured by Patch. 

Don Peterson October 30, 2012 at 08:17 PM
First of all I wasn't at the meeting when Larry was fired, so I don't know how you asked me that question. Second the million dollars that was found was prior to me being Mayor. Finally I didn't sign Larry's last contract the current Mayor did. The vote was approved by the current council. Please get your facts straight. Thank you
Nat October 31, 2012 at 02:10 AM
Wow! I finally have a first decided vote. I hope everyone in the city of Albertville watches this video prior to voting! I cannot believe how arrogant this Don is?!? Jillian seems very well educated and in tune with the city! (and much more approachable then this Don would ever be)
Linda Andersen October 31, 2012 at 08:15 PM
Thank you A-Town for encouraging us to watch the video! Don Peterson won that one hands down! DP - Lived in Albertville most of his life. JH - Moved here a few yrs. ago, most likely since this is her job's territory assigned to her. DP - Former Mayor for 4 years. JH - On council for 2 years - the council that fired our City Administrator! DP - Got us a new City Hall, Maintenance Facility, & a lifelong Waste Water Treatment Plant, expanded Hwy. 19, initiated Int. 94 exits. That is called Infra-Structure! JH - Seems concerned about using the land by the outlet mall. DP - Realizes that our city needs it's own and full time Administrator, Engineer and Building Official. JH - Feels that sharing the responsability of those important members with St. Michael is fine, because "they" say we're doing just fine. I personally met Mr. Peterson when I moved in as one of his neighbors years ago; because he just came over to help me move snow from my driveway after a blizzard. Yep, that's arrogant alright. Don, thank you for your Military Service, thank you for the 4 years you already served as Mayor, and thank you for seeing what a mess this most recent City Council has gotten our city into.
Denise October 31, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Thank you both for introducing yourself at this forum and to The Patch for posting it for those of us that could not attend. Linda, thank you for breaking out the facts. I really appreciate Don Peterson's passion and love of Albertville. I think he was very bold and I like his candor. With all the posting's about the upcoming election I think the most important thing you can do is educate yourself on ALL the issues and candidates. Information is key. Know all the candidates that are going to be on your ballot from school council, to mayor, city council, president, etc. Know what voting yes or no really means to your society and go from there. Sarcasm & jokes have there time and place. Please inform yourself and vote. Every vote counts. God Bless America!
Katie 'Lavigne' Turpin October 31, 2012 at 09:27 PM
I commend both of these candidates for their commitment to the City of Albertville. I happen to know Jillian personally, and I'm very impressed by her dedication to the City. Jill will get my vote!


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