Torgerson and 'Ron Paul Libertarians': #2 Top Story Of The Year

A statement on Republican Fifth Congressional District candidate Lynne Torgerson website in April led to more than 200 comment, 2,300 poll votes and her withdrawal from the race.

In September 2011, Lynne Torgerson officially announced she would be running for the Fifth Congressional District seat held by Rep. Keith Ellison.

By mid-April, she was no longer in the race.

At the GOP Convention, delegates endorsed Chris Fields. That decision didn't sit too well with the Monday after the convention.

She said in part: 

There was a stage at the front of the room. Approximately 6 people were seated on the stage. Every person seated was a Ron Paul Libertarian. The Convention was overrun by Ron Paul Libertarians. More than 2/3 of the delegates were Ron Paul Libertarians. When I mentioned that we were at a Republican Convention, they laughed out loud. ...

The response from the public was immediate and overwhelming. The next day, Torgerson told Patch in an email:

No, I am not going to continue running in this election cycle. The Party is free to fully support Chris Fields.

The race between Fields and Ellison had its contentious moments later in the year; the Torgerson convention controversy, however, was the biggest talker from the Fifth District in the first half of the year.

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Michael Hindin December 20, 2012 at 01:04 PM
Torgerson has a history of making crude statements about American Muslims including the assertion that American Muslims are trying to impose Sharia Law on America and all Muslims are radical Islamist errorists The following is quoted from her web site. "Worse, Keith Ellison is a radical Islamist. Keith Ellison is a radical islamist. Keith Ellison refuses to state that the US Constitution should remain supreme over Islamic Sharia Law. If he refuses to say so, he does not believe so. This means that Keith Ellison truly believes that Sharia Islamic Law should be supreme over the US Constitution." This is nothing more than McCarthy era "Loyalty Oath" hysteria and slander.. Much of her comments should be beneath the dignity of a member of the Minnesota Bar. I certainly would not vote for her or use her legal services.


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