Q&A With the Legislative Candidates: David Arvidson

The GOP Challenger for House District 46B answers your questions on key issues.

Earlier this month, Patch invited readers to pose questions to District 46 candidates. We sent your questions to the candidates, along with some of our own, and will be posting their answers to help you know how they’d tackle the challenges ahead and where they stand on key issues.

Today David Arvidson, the GOP challenger for House District 46B, answers your questions. We previously talked to DFL Sen. Ron Latz. Interviews with other candidates will follow in the coming days.


What blend of taxes and cuts will you support? 

There is no such thing as blending. If you want to cut $2 billion in spending but raise taxes by a billion, just cut spending by a billion: 2-1=1. How this “blending” nonsense the Democrats have proposed has ever gained traction is beyond me.

What are your plans and/or past actions to support small businesses and their owners and workers?

I have bought, sold or created several small businesses over the last 19 years. The best thing government can do is help keep access to those businesses open. Plow the roads, provide ample parking, help to provide the availability of high-speed internet connections. Then government needs to GET out of the way!  

How will you approach public school funding?

Government schools are a disaster. We are laughed at by other countries for being fat, dumb and lazy. The path we are on will only create more of the same. Drastic change needs to occur. I support alternatives to Government schools such as home schooling, Vo-Tech, apprentice programs, OJT (on-the-job training) and work study programs. I support more competition for our taxpayer dollars going to “education.” I support educating not medicating our children.

What do you consider adequate funding for our schools? 

There is an incentive for the school system to find something wrong with our children. If they can diagnose our Children with ADD, for example, that student is entitled to more funding. That is fundamentally wrong. The funding to our school system is extremely generous. The way it is spent, however, deserves our scrutiny.

How can you change the conversation in St. Paul to work toward compromise? Are you open to compromise with members of the opposition party?

As a fiscal conservative and social moderate, I am offering a new type of candidate for the Capitol. I do indeed anticipate a great deal of agreement.

What does compromise look like to you? 

The best question so far!

  1. Find areas we can agree on.
  2. Create a framework that we agree on.
  3. Start to work on the frameworks goals, all the while expecting a real partnership, learning to trust each other and completing those things in a conciliatory fashion.
  4. Apply the same principle on more difficult problems, problems that we may or may not agree on.

When things get heated, walk away and come back to it later. Do not let egos and attitudes get in the way. Remember that we work for the people and not for our individual parties.

Do you support or oppose the marriage amendment and why? 

Even before my middle daughter announced she is a member of the LGBT community, I was in favor of the equality of all people—including their right to love each other and to marry.

Do you support or oppose the voter ID amendment and why?

I used to believe handshakes secured a deal, and you didn’t need an ID to vote, just someone to vouch for you. I wish that were still the case, but times have changed, and I do now support your need to now show an ID

What role should state government have in caring for the less fortunate?

I have seen in the last few years government actually getting in the way of charitable organizations doing loving work, work that they have a calling to do. Government does it so they can get votes; charitable organizations do it out of love. If someone falls between the cracks, government should work to help the less fortunate—including steering them to those charitable organizations, NOT away from them.

What relationship should state government have with cities, counties and other local government entities?

That is up to those entities themselves. The state government should not mandate a certain type of relationship. Regardless, we are hurting them by continually passing bloated budgets often times at the expense of those municipalities. That is fundamentally wrong.

How well does the Southwest Light Rail Transit project fit the needs of the region?

The needs for our region are:

  1. The need for lower taxes
  2. The need to have more money in our pockets
  3. The need to be individuals, and to think for ourselves
  4. The need to get Government off of our backs
  5. The need to—and right to!—life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—something “mandate candidates” and a “central planning” government refuse to acknowledge

We have no “need” to throw billions of dollars on a runaway train track. 

What financial incentives do you favor to encourage the establishment of high tech business in your district?

Tax Breaks, Tax breaks, Tax breaks (did I mention tax breaks?)

We should have gotten a clue that our tax rates were too high decades ago when Tonka Toys left for Texas and lower taxes. We learned nothing and recently watched NWA, our only major airline, merge with Delta and fly off to Atlanta, which offers business a much lower tax burden to businesses. We need to stop the bleeding now!

Bruce Rowan October 31, 2012 at 04:42 PM
"What blend of taxes and cuts will you support? There is no such thing as blending. If you want to cut $2 billion in spending but raise taxes by a billion, just cut spending by a billion: 2-1=1. How this “blending” nonsense the Democrats have proposed has ever gained traction is beyond me." What?? The example: "cut $2 billion in spending but raise taxes by a billion" presumes a $3 Billion shortfall, I would assume. David's solution leaves a $2 Billion Shortfall. I believe he must have meant "Cut Spending by $3 Billion" That's 2 PLUS 1, not 2 MINUS 1. Am I missing something here in basic Arithmetic?


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