Mitt Romney Headed to West Metro This Week

He’ll be in Minnetonka Beach and Shorewood on Thursday.

Mitt Romney will make a pair of visits to the western suburbs this week.

The presumptive presidential nominee is scheduled to first visit the Lafayette Club in Minnetonka Beach on Thursday for a reception with supporters who contribute at least $2,500 to the campaign. Romney will then have dinner at the home of Marty Davis in Shorewood—where he’ll be joined by couples who’ve contributed $50,000 or more.

It’s not known whether Paul Ryan will join Romney at the events. The vice presidential running mate’s name does not appear on invitations sent to GOP supporters.

Campaign officials had previously said Romney and Ryan would campaign and fundraise separately until after the Republican National Convention in Florida, which begins Aug. 27.

But Politico reported Friday morning that aides have shifted course on that thinking because of the energy boost Ryan gave Romney during a series of rally’s last week—telling the website that Ryan would join Romney for a town hall in New Hampshire and at unspecified appearances in the Midwest.

Those included on the guest list for next week's events in the Lake Minnetonka area include former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who was on Romney's short list of vice presidential candidates before Ryan got the nod earlier this month. Former U.S. Senators Norm Coleman and Rudy Boschwitz are also listed as headliners.

Photo opportunities with Mitt Romney will cost couples a $10,000 contribution.

Next week's fundraisers coincide with the opening of the Minnesota State Fair, although no plans have so far been announced for Romney to visit the fairgrounds.

Next week's pair of fundraisers are being paid for by Romney Victory, Inc.—a group made up of several GOP fundraising committees supporting Romney's presidential campaign. Contributions to Romney Victory, Inc. are not tax deductable.

Romney's last visit to Minnesota came back in early February, when he was  during a rally in Eagan.

President Obama won the state of Minnesota during the 2008 election by more than 10 points. Richard Nixon was the last Republican presidential hopeful to win the Land of 10,000 Lakes and its 10 electoral votes.

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Ellen Stannich August 21, 2012 at 05:45 AM
I love how: -You can see Biden for free this week in Mpls for free but it's 2500 to see this guy -Biden in downtown urban area vs Romney very wealthy suburb -10 grand to stand next to waxy guy? Creepy. -Romney Victory Inc.? Yikes. Scary stuff, very tidy hiding practices. Nobody's proud enough of their charity to actually admit that they gave this guy money.


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