(VIDEO) Missed the Rail Forum? Watch it Here

St. Louis Park City Council candidates participated in a forum on rail issues last Thursday.

Last Thursday, St. Louis Park Patch, along with grassroots group Safety in the Park, presented a for the four City Council candidates to discuss an important freight rail reroute proposal, as well as the to the community.

These intertwined issues have undoubtedly garnered the most discussion during this year's campaign season, and both will be crucial to many facets of life in St. Louis Park in the future.

If you couldn't make it to the forum, you can watch the video above, courtesy of our friends at .

Jake Spano October 20, 2011 at 12:17 PM
Thank you to everyone who came and asked excellent questions and to the Patch for hosting and moderating. I truly believe this can be done right but only by being constructively engaged in the process. If there's any other questions people might have about this or any other issue, I would encourage them to go to my website, spanoforslpcouncil.com or email me at Jake@spanoforslpcouncil.com.
Kathryn Kottke October 20, 2011 at 02:04 PM
I too, was very impressed with how well this discussion was organized and moderated. Thank you, Mr. Rose for your time and effort. One question I had when I left however, was in regard to several comments made by Mr. Spano. His comments at the rail forum made it seem as though he was an active participant rather than an alternate who came to one meeting and asked one clarifying question. It troubles me that he misrepresented his role in the process because it seems to me that he was not interested when he had the opportunity to be involved in what will likely be one of the most consequential decisions made for St. Louis Park. This forum was an opportunity for candidates to speak honestly and intelligently about their positions on the reroute. It is unfortunate that Mr. Spano saw it as a way to "cash in" on the hard work and commitment that those on the PMT exhibited every time they were asked to give up their evenings to do research or attend meetings that were clearly designed to wear them down rather than move forward constructively. If Mr. Spano is so interested in being "constructively engaged" in the reroute decision, he will need to demonstrate that he has the fortitude to participate in the process at the local level rather than make a few futile calls to those connections he so often referred to at the state level. Kathryn Kottke, Bronx Park Neighborhood PMT Representative


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