Met Council's Vote on Southwest LRT Route Could Be Delayed

Met Council Chair Susan Haigh said more time is needed, according to Finance & Commerce.

The council will likely delay its vote.
The council will likely delay its vote.
While the Metropolitan Council had planned on finalizing the route for the Southwest Light Rail Transit project this month, that's probably not going to happen.

According to Finance & Commerce, Met Council chairwoman Susan Haigh told reporters Wednesday she doubted the council would move ahead with its plan to finalize the route and settle other issues with the project by Aug. 28.

The reason? Haigh said the route recommendation from the Southwest LRT Corridor Management Committee wasn't likely until that August date, according to the article:

“I really heard, ‘Let’s not put this off,’ ” from members of the committee, she said. “But we just need a little more time to get this answered.”

The transit line extends 15.8 miles from Minneapolis to Eden Prairie. Among the issues surrounding the project are how to interact with existing freight lines in St. Louis Park and Minneapolis, and where to put the required maintenance facility.

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