Ellison Pushes for More Public Scrutiny of Drone Strikes

The 5th District congressman is also calling for the firing of acting Federal Housing Finance Agency director Ed DeMarco.

Rep. Keith Ellison is urging voters to step up pressure on legislators over the use of drones.

The 5th District congressman hosted a forum with about 120 people Wednesday in North Minneapolis to discuss the ethical implications of drone strikes and surveillance, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

MPR quoted Ellison as saying:

If we weren't talking about technology, we're just soldiers on the ground walking around with M16s. People who get hit by drones -- just a flash and boom, and it's all over.


Ellison Calls for Federal Housing Finance Agency Director’s Firing

During a rally to support Golden Valley homeowner Rose McGee’s fight against foreclosure, Ellison called for the firing of acting Federal Housing Finance Agency director Ed DeMarco.

The Raw Story quoted Ellison as saying:

We need to be finding ways to keep people in their homes, not kicking them out. Ed DeMarco has consistently refused to write down these loans to make them affordable. Other members of Congress and I have taken the extreme but reasonable step of calling for him to be fired. Big banks need to change the way they’re doing business in our communities. Enough is enough.

McGee lost her job and has not made a mortgage payment for more than a year. She’s since been trying to work with Citimortgage and Fannie Mae to modify her loan terms and has filed a lawsuit to keep them from foreclosing on her home.

Her lawyer told the judge that the mortgage companies didn’t follow the procedures required under Minnesota law. The mortgage companies say she wants to live in the home for free.


Fields Named to State Party Leadership

Chris Fields, who challenged Ellison for the 5th District seat in the 2012 election, has been selected as the new secretary of the Minnesota Republican Party, Minnesota Public Radio reported.

Fields ran an aggressive campaign but Ellison easily won re-election in the heavily DFL district, securing nearly three-quarters of the vote.

Mike B. April 08, 2013 at 03:46 PM
Is Rep. Ellison serious? That's the one good thing in his five years in office President Obama has done... to employ drones to stop terrorists overseas and to monitor illegal aliens on the southern border. The drones keep our soldiers in Afghanistan safe! Ellison should not be spouting off on issues he has no knowledge of. And congratulations to Chris Fields. He ran a great campaign against Ellison, but the defining moment of that campaign was Ellison becoming unhinged in the debate. It is good that the Patch has a weekly update on Ellison. Maybe his constituents in Minneapolis will finally see their error in voting for him over the much more qualified Chris Fields
cathy April 09, 2013 at 02:53 PM
I believe he's addressing the drones being planned for surveillance within the U.S. Perhaps you weren't aware of that.
yomammy April 09, 2013 at 05:51 PM
survelliance my A#$ all you want mr. obama...i gots nuttin' to hide.
Hugh Janus April 09, 2013 at 11:51 PM
Mike B is a drone
Tom Ross April 10, 2013 at 03:30 AM
I think most Americans are fine with drones being used on the battlefield, I do not think they are fine with drones being used in the United States against U.S. Citizens... They are a tool of war, they are military tools, not a tool for local police to use to monitor traffic, there are too many Cameras monitoring everybody as it is. So where do we draw the lines on privacy, should everybody track your ride home from work, or track your cup of coffee at Caribou. How are we going to live the next 15 years... Will your trip to the grocery store become evidence in somebody's divorce... If we become such frightened rabbits that we give up our privacy to that extent for security... Our founding fathers themselves will rise from the grave to point their fingers. Sure drones could be used for good, but they could also be used for evil, we need to be measured and judicious about our use of technology.This generation is growing up in a world where everything is shared on Facebook and people may not understand the privacy they are giving away when the tech tools of this day are so powerful. Today people can look right through your walls, in that technology is the potential for great misuse, drones have as much power or more. "Good fences make good neighbors," Robert Frost wrote. Healthy boundaries make for wise relationships. It may be that this oversight by our Congressman will be later identified as the most conservative decision of his tenure. Good Job, Congressman Ellison. Thomas


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