Drug Paraphernalia Ban Close in St. Louis Park

The City Council on Tuesday approved the first reading of the ordinance that would 'prohibit the display and sale of drug paraphernalia, including equipment to grow or consume illegal drugs.'

Some pipes could be disappearing from St. Louis Park business shelves in the near future.

On Tuesday, the City Council approve the first reading of an ordinance that would prohibit businesses from selling drug paraphernalia.

The city received complaints about a St. Louis Park convenience store, according to information from the city.

"With the pipe and bong products on open display next to the checkout counter, concern was raised over children possibly having access and certainly observing items seemingly intended for drug use," city staff wrote in a council packet memo.

The store is not identified in the council packet, but a Sun Sailor article identifies it as YeSmart & Tobacco at 8140 Minnetonka Blvd.

There was a fire at the business in 2011. The business was rebuilt after the fire.

"A new business owner in December of 2012 indicated to staff during the licensing process that the convenience store was not being purchased for paraphernalia sales and they had no objection if the city considered an ordinance to prevent sales."

According to the City Council packet, "Proactively limiting the opening of retail paraphernalia businesses or a 'head' shop in the city is consistent with being a Children First Community, helping maintain a positive image, and reducing the ease of which paraphernalia can be acquired and used for illegal purposes," 

A schedule in the council packet says the second reading of the ordinance is expected to be at the March 4 meeting and it could be published on March 14. If those steps are approved, it will go into effect March 29.

The YouTube video of the City Council meeting is attached to this story, thanks to ParkTV St. Louis Park.

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Sjoberg February 25, 2013 at 01:04 AM
This feels like government over-reaching. Better to work on some real existing problems rather then think up potential problems.


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