Drunks on Skis, Snow-Assisted Break-in, Scream Incident: Woodbury Police Blotter

Selected calls to the Woodbury Public Safety Department from Dec. 11-17.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

Dec. 11

A resident in the 7800 block of Somerset Circle reported an injured owl next to his home. Washington County and Woodbury police referred the call to the Minnesota Raptor Center

Residents at the 8800 block of St. Croix Road reported a work bag containing everything from a Nook reader, Social Security Card and driver's license to debit cards and work identification was stolen from a car inside a garage that was partly left open due to snow. The residents said later they were able to track purchases made with the debit card stolen from the bag, including charges at Walmart and SuperAmerica in Oak Park Heights. 

Employees at Core Power Yoga called police after two men entered the studio after class hours and inquired about everything from hours of operation to what kind of alarm system the facility had. They attempted to cover by saying they were hoping to get work as cleaners for the studio. Witnesses said the men, who came in about 9:15 p.m., left one woman behind in a car parked outside. Woodbury police told staff they would provide extra patrols of the building as allowed. 

Dec. 12

An eployee of the Hampton Inn called police after a kitten was found near a storage shed there. The man said the kitten bit him on the finger, and he was advised to seek medical attention. The cat was impounded at the local Humane Society. 

Woodbury officers served a warrant in the 700 block of Martha Lane for a man wanted for felony drug possession. 

Dec. 13

Woodbury police responded to a resident who received to phone calls from a man who identified himself as "Ron Davis," but had a thick Indian accent. The man was saying the person who received the call owed money to the state department, including back taxes, and that payment would be needed immediately. A phone call was placed a third time to the Woodbury resident, this time with the police present. An officer answered the phone and the man said he was with "state investigations." The officer then informed the man he was a police officer, and the caller said "I play with 1,000 police every day," and hung up. Complainant was told to block the number. 

Dec. 14

A Lakeland man was questioned by police after witnesses saw him walking down Queens Road near Coachwood Drive with two sets of skis. The man told them he was walking with his girlfriend after the two were trying to ski on Church Hill. The man said "she was so drunk" he had to walk her home, where she later passed out. He left the skis (both sets) in order to carry her home. So he had to walk back, grab both sets and trek home. The story checked out after an officer found tracks matching the skis on Church Hill. 

Squad cars were called to a Woodbury neighborhood after a suspect was seen on Sumac Way in a Scream-style mask and outfit. No one was found.

Police were called to a neighbor dispute in a townhome area. All sides agreed to cool down and talk out the situation later. 

Dec. 15

Woodbury police investigated a home where toilet paper was thrown over trees and into bushes. Complainant said family has a menorah in the window, and wasn't sure this was motivation for the vandalism. Police advised the complainant's 15-year-old son to keep an ear out at school for anyone who might be bragging about the incident. 

Dec. 16

Officers responded to a call about a drunk person in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel on Bielenberg Drive. A man was told to head to his room and go to bed. 

A Hermantown man was taken to detox in Hastings after a fight in the early hours of Sunday. The man said he fought, verbally, with other family members but was there wasn't any physical contact. He went to detox after hotel staff asked for his removal from the premises. 

Officers responded to a business where an employee was requesting an escort after work. Complainant said a man was waiting in the parking lot for him after he accidentally damaged the man's car. Officers made sure both sides had insurance information to handle accident, and told man who was threatening the complainant to stop communications. He agreed. 

Dec. 17

Woodbury officers were called to the Woodbury 10 Theatre about a drunk man stumbling through the parking lot toward Target. He was taken to detox. 

A Woodbury woman called police after she said her Christmas lights were suddenly turned on in her home on Cornelia Trail. She said she left the home at 3:30 p.m., and when she returned at 5 p.m. the lights were on. Officers told her to call if anything was missing. 


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Irving December 27, 2012 at 09:31 PM
It's like the brainteaser about the man, fox, and two chickens needing to cross the river, except the elements are a bottle of liquor, a girlfriend, skis, and Queens Road..
Kris Janisch December 27, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Ha! Not bad Irving. How do the man, fox and chickens cross the river? I love riddles.
Irving January 03, 2013 at 03:52 PM
Sure Kris, make me think during the holidays. Assuming an additional parameter that the boat can only hold the man and a single animal, I think this would work. Take the fox across and leave it on the far side, then return empty. Take a chicken across and return with the fox. Drop the fox off and ferry the chicken to the other side, then return empty and finally take the fox. Can you tell I love riddles too :)
Kris Janisch January 03, 2013 at 04:02 PM
Thanks Irving!


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