Tree Crashes Through House In Westwood

Tree falls through home in Westwood leaving severe damage to the second floor, no injuries acquired

A tree fell through 268 David Hooper Place at about 7:30 p.m., leaving severe damage to the second floor. None of the residents of this two-family home were injured.

The oak tree was about 6 ft in diameter and about 80 ft tall, according to Police Officer Quaglino. He said the house is secured and everyone is safe.

"We're waiting until the building department comes and checks the structure of the house, PSEG is going to come and take care of the power issues and then it's going to be removed tomorrow," Quaglino said.

Robin Gulde, along with her husband and two children were home at the time.

"My daughter was in the bedroom watching a movie, I was changing my son in the living room when all of a sudden there was a rumbling sound and the house shook," Gulde said. "I almost thought it was a tornado going through my backyard or something."

Gulde brought her family outside and saw the extensive damage the tree had done to her roommate's bedroom upstairs.

"I didn't even know the extent of the damage until I walked into the backyard and saw this massive tree cut in half and unfortunately took my roommate's bedroom wall out," she said.

Gerry Becker lives on the second floor. He said he can't believe the damage the tree has done to his room.

"I was on the computer and I felt something shake and heard a crack and all of a sudden I just saw I had no wall," Becker said.

The police have yet to determine the cause of the tree's collapse. Quaglino said it appeared to rotting from the inside, but he cannot be sure.


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