They 'Entrusted Us With Their Safety': Father of Girl Killed in Pond Crash Speaks

Julius Rennie's three children were in the car that crashed into a St. Louis Park holding pond in November. He speaks here about his children, his coping methods and his feelings of apprehension.

KSTP screenshot.
KSTP screenshot.
Julius Rennie, 24, lost one child and nearly lost his two others when the car his girlfriend, Marion Guerrido, was driving plunged into a St. Louis Park holding pond on Nov. 21.

In an interview with KSTP, Rennie spoke about how his family is dealing with the tragedy and about the progress of the three surviving children.

Six people were in the car: Marion Guerrido and five children she and Rennie raised. Rennie's five-year-old daughter, Zenavia, and Guerrido's seven-year-old son, Alarious Coleman-Guerrido, died after the crash.

The Minnesota State Patrol is still investigating the incident and Guerrido, who was driving with only a learner's permit, hasn't been charged with a crime.
Watch Rennie speak in the video above or read our rundown of the memorable parts of the interview below:
  • On fitting seven people into a Pontiac Grand Am sedan: "We just kind of were doing the best that we can. That's not how we wanted it to be. We have another vehicle, a Suburban, but it was down for repairs. Life works that way sometimes, it will catch you before you can get things in order."
  • On how he's coping: "I'm doing, I'm living. It definitely helps to be in contact with people and go places, see things. I don't mind talking about the ordeal. Sometimes I like to keep it to myself and marinate over it, but for the most part it just helps to talk and be around others and know that people are concerned."
  • On the surviving children: "There are developments, there are steps being made. With my oldest, Aliyana, for her personal privacy, I'd just like to let her do what she's doing. [Amani] is doing all right. He's running around like a typical little boy. People are amazed by it, I am too of course. He's spending a lot of time with family right now."
  • On Zenavia, his five-year-old daughter who died after the crash: "She had an aunt who used to call her Miss Hollywood, she's a vibrant little girl. I didn't expect it to be like that. I always figured she'd grow up and be one of those deals, she would be a big deal. She's five and when she's walking through school, she has third, fourth and fifth graders waving to her, 'Bye' every day. She really attaches to people. "
  • On his responsibility to the children: "All of them kind of entrusted us with their safety. It's nothing that was on purpose, but that safety was compromised. It makes me feel a little apprehensive. A lot of people are like, 'Don't question yourself,' but of course you're going to do that. It's kind of a natural response. I do take it one day at a time."


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