SLP Woman Won't Press Charges Against Friend's Boyfriend Who Choked Her

The woman got into a fight with her friend near Keystone Park, leading the friend's boyfriend to grab her by the neck.

A 24-year-old St. Louis Park woman declined to press charges after her friend’s boyfriend choked her by the neck.

The woman was arguing with her friend in her friend’s car at Keystone Park around 4 p.m. on Nov. 6.

The friend’s boyfriend then reached into the car and grabbed the woman, holding onto her neck for about two seconds.

The woman then gathered some of her things, got out of the car and walked away before remembering she had more possessions in the car.

When she asked her friend for her things, her friend pretended to be having convulsions and refused to open the door.

The woman stood behind the car to prevent her friend from backing up.

The friend backed her car toward the woman without making contact and then put the car into drive, pulled onto the grass and drove away.

The woman declined to press charges against the boyfriend.


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