SLP Woman Robbed While Xmas Tree Shopping in Knollwood Mall Parking Lot

The woman attempted to enter the robber's SUV, but he kicked her out the door.

A St. Louis Park woman shopping for a Christmas tree in the Knollwood Mall parking lot was robbed of her wallet on Dec. 11 by a man who drove off in a silver SUV.

The woman was waiting for the tree lot staff member to load her tree onto the roof of her car when a man approached her to ask for a cigarette.

She described the man as a white 50-something, about 5-foot-4, with a “scruffy” face, wearing a waist-length black coat and a black knit cap.

When, she told him she didn’t have a cigarette, he asked for a lighter. When she told him she didn’t have a lighter, he grabbed her wallet.

The man then dashed to his SUV and shut the door.

The victim pursued him, yelling, “No,” and opening the door. She heard a woman inside tell the man to stop before the man used his foot to kick her out of the SUV.

The woman noted the first three numbers of the SUV’s license plate, but police could find no matching vehicles in the state registry.
Mike B. January 21, 2014 at 06:42 PM
This robbery at Knollwood is yet another reason why Minnesota needs "stand your ground" laws so that innocent civilians can protect themselves. If robbers knew that their targeted person might put them six feet under, we would see less crime. "Stand your ground" has proven successful in states that have sensible laws to protect innocent civilians, such as Texas, Mississippi and Florida.
Rob January 22, 2014 at 09:39 AM
You seem to misunderstand the "stand your ground" law. It doesn't give you the right to chase someone down and shoot them. Since the guy grabbed the wallet and ran away, "stand your ground" would not apply. Our current Permit to Carry laws would have been ample for this situation and still not offered much recourse. People with CCW/PTC actually have to conduct themselves more carefully as carrying a weapon comes with added responsibility and liability. Your post only adds to misunderstanding and bad image for those who wish to carry responsibly.
Ken January 22, 2014 at 02:09 PM
Why is no one upset that citizens are being informed of this 6 weeks later? Is it better to be informed or left in the dark?


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