SLP Residents Believe These Intersections Are The Most Dangerous

We asked and you answered. You can dive into the conversation on St. Louis Park Patch.

On Tuesday, St. Louis Park Patch posted a story about the most dangerous intersections in the Twin Cities.

The story included a reference to a study of car crash statistics by the City of Minneapolis.

We asked readers which intersections in SLP are the most dangerous. We received a lot of responses on Facebook:

Greg Overall: The Toledo Ave entrance off of Minnetonka Blvd to northbound 100 is ridiculous.

Will Donovan III: The "improved" bike intersections on Ottawa and Wooddale are still atrocious for cyclists. The improvements made them worse. Texas and Hw7 is a death trap.

Nancy Goethel Flint: Turning left from Hwy 7 frontage road onto Beltline.

Dawn Anton Rolstad: Hwy 7 to southbound 100

Renee Davison McGarvey: I've noticed that many of the conflicts with the trail crossings are from cars stopping for the bikes and pedestrians and it's supposed to be the opposite. Trail users need to yield and stop. And while it may seem nice that the cars stop it causes confusion and it makes it very dangerous. It's totally different from a crosswalk at an intersection.

Kristin Manion: Rhode Island onto Cedar Lake Road. Especially when it's icy

Jennifer Cook Amos: The entire bridge exchange on Wooddale over Hwy 7 is just plain dangerous!

Christine Iverson: Agree with Hwy 7 to southbound 100. Not sure what they were thinking there!

Sean Crego: Regarding HWY 7 to SB 100: It was never supposed to be that way. They were in the middle of the project when the money was moved to another state project. That interchange well be totally different once the project resumes...

Brian Bardzinski: woodale and 7 is horrendous.
too many cars stopping for bikes on pathway when they should not.

Meghan Collins Phimister: I agree with all of the above however I have to say, I seen more accidents at the many uncontrolled intersections throughout SLP. My neighborhood approached the city twice requesting the basket weave stop sign design, however we were denied both times. Because we were denied as a neighborhood, I have no other choice but to focus on my own intersection, as there's been 6 accidents alone on my corner with some cars landing less than 30 feet from my sons bedroom. With the help of some neighbors, we now have a stop sign on my intersection. Push for those inter-neighborhood stop signs.

Now that you've read what your neighbors think, share your thoughts below.

  • You also can add a marker on a map of dangerous intersections.

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Marc Berg January 23, 2013 at 06:55 PM
Minnetonka Blvd., between Ottowa and Xenwood, is atrocious. It is especially bad at the bridge over Hwy 100, and a block or two to either side of 100. This is terrible for pedestrians, cyclists, and cars. I said this at one of the "visioning" meetings several years ago (2005, I believe). It's encouraging to hear that this situation might be improved with the replacement of the bridge in connection with the widening of Hwy 100. Hopefully, the new bridge will not have the same blind spots like those on the Wooddale bridge over Hwy 7. We need to keep actively involved with comments on this process.
Lynne Boiarsky January 23, 2013 at 11:42 PM
Personally I'd like to see some enforcement when it comes to vehicles yielding to pedestrians & cyclists. It is particularly bad getting from the south side of Minnetonka Blvd to the center island on the east side of the intersection at W Lake St/Vernon. The paving contractor paved over the crosswalk and it was never repainted. The yield sign for traffic traveling north on W Lake St to enter Minnetonka eastbound is far past the spot for pedestrians and cyclists to cross to the center island and I have yet to see a single car yield even when a pedestrian is actually in the midst of crossing the street. The same situation occurs on the entrance ramp to southbound 100 from Minnetonka eastbound. I've actually occasionally seen officers sitting at various intersections waiting for the light as cars drove through the intersection failing to yield to pedestrians/cyclists already in the intersection or attempting to cross. It's like playing Frogger trying to actually go for a walk and get a cup of coffee at one of our little local coffee shops, sadly.
Lynne Boiarsky January 23, 2013 at 11:44 PM
Agreed, and because the trail dead-ends there and the plows shovel ice/snow onto the sidewalk, there's no option during the winter but to ride on the road. Walking on the bridge is pretty treacherous!
Marc Berg January 24, 2013 at 06:25 PM
That Minnetonka/West Lake St./Vernon intersection is particularly bad. Too many conflicts in too small a space. Also, if you are on that island (by the Caribou) looking south down West Lake Street, it's almost as if there's an optical illusion that makes it appear that the northbound traffic is going straight when it may actually be turning right. And not all motorists use their right-turn as they approach Minnetonka. Anyone who's used that crosswalk and has had to guess whether an approaching car will be a threat or not knows what I'm talking about.
Linda F January 27, 2013 at 05:05 PM
Regarding vehicles yielding to bicyclists... I live one block from Lake Calhoun and can't believe how many bicyclists do not stop at red stop lights or stop signs. Apparently, they believe that vehicles must ALWAYS yield to them, however, Minnesota law dictates that bicyclists must obey all of the same traffic laws that vehicles do. This includes STOPPING AT ALL RED LIGHTS AND STOP SIGNS! For the benefit of the non-believers, here is the text taken from the 2012 Minnesota Statues regarding the operation of a bicycle (https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/?id=169.222): 2012 Minnesota Statutes 169.222 OPERATION OF BICYCLE. Subdivision 1.Traffic laws apply. Every person operating a bicycle shall have all of the rights and duties applicable to the driver of any other vehicle by this chapter, except in respect to those provisions in this chapter relating expressly to bicycles and in respect to those provisions of this chapter which by their nature cannot reasonably be applied to bicycles. Additionally, on many of the bike paths, there are stop signs that require bicycles to stop and give the right of way to vehicles crossing the bike path (who do NOT have a stop sign) before proceeding through the intersection. It is RARE to see any bicyclists obey these signs. I have almost hit bicyclists a few times because they just blow through the stop signs as if they weren't even there. This HAS to stop before people are killed! Obey the laws people...BOTH bicyclists AND motorists!!!!


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