Police: SLP Man Shot at Officers With Fireworks

Saturday night incident happened at raucous party in Bronx Park neighborhood.

According to St. Louis Park police, a 27-year old Maplewood resident shot a bottle rocket at police officers and fired others at houses on the 2700 block of Edgewood Avenue South early on Saturday, Oct. 27.

According to a report filed by St. Louis Park Police officers, police had been called to the house after neighbors complained of a loud party shortly before 3 a.m. As they drove up, officers said the party "clearly violated" St. Louis Park's noise ordinances: A man in a blue dress shirt was firing bottle rockets at houses across the street, knots of people on the lawn were yelling loudly, and people going in and out of the house were slamming the building's doors. 

Many people at the party smelled of alcohol and appeared drunk, the police report says.

As officers quizzed a small group of revelers leaving the party, police say, the bottle rocket-firing man launched one in their direction. It exploded nearby. In the report, police say that as soon as the man "saw our uniforms," he fled inside the house.

The police report claims the house's resident made several "halfhearted" attempts to find the pyrotechnic party guest at officers' request before the Maplewood man surrendered himself. He told police he didn't intentionally aim the bottle rocket at the group because he didn't see them. 

Police cited the Maplewood man for using fireworks and transported a party-goer home after she told police she didn’t' feel comfortable remaining at the party.


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