Enraged Park Place West Security Guard Throws Vaseline Bottle at Co-Worker’s Head

The co-worker declined to press charges.

A Park Place West security guard threw a bottle of vaseline at his co-worker’s head, prompting the co-worker to call police.

The security guard was arguing with his co-worker around 8 a.m. on Dec. 8 about when he was required to show up for his shift at the Wayzata Boulevard apartment building.

He became angry, yelling at his co-worker, asking him if he wanted to fight and putting his hands up as if to box, the co-worker told police.

As the co-worker was walking away, the security guard threw a Vaseline container at his head.

The man continued to walk away, but the security guard tripped him from behind, causing him to fall. When the man got up, the security guard pushed him again to the ground and asked if he wanted to fight.

The co-worker declined and called police from his car.

The security guard told police he threw the Vaseline bottle, but his co-worker declined to press charges.


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