Drunk Taxi Passenger Throws Tantrum Over Detox Trip

Call started when young woman passed out in back of taxi.

Much of the time, officers of the St. Louis Park Police Department spend their time patroling the city and investigating crimes. Some times, however, they find themselves in much less glamorous situations.

On Dec. 1, police were called to the 4400 block of Park Glen Road around 2 a.m. A taxi's passenger wouldn't pay her fair—the young woman was passed out drunk in the cab's back seat.

According to the police report, the passenger had a hard time figuring out where she was. She initially gave officers the wrong apartment number, and that apartment's resident told police she thought the woman lived one floor up. 

The two officers finally got the woman to her apartment, but her roommate was not home. From there, the situation rapidly deteriorated. Officers asked the woman to call her roommate, in order to leave her in safe and sober hands, but she refused. When police told her she would have to be taken to Methodist Hospital to sober up, she sat down on the floor and began to pout, refusing to leave her apartment.

An officer tried to grab her arm, to get her off the floor, when she began "thrashing wildly, swinging her arms and legs in the air," according to the police report. In order to avoid her flailing arms, officers handcuffed the woman, at which point she began cursing at them. 

Evidently fed up, police escorted her to their squad car for a trip to detox.

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Annetta Pohl Wilson January 11, 2013 at 02:53 PM
A young woman, that drunk and alone out late at night, is very vulnerable to rape and sexual assault. If you have teenage or young adult girls, please talk to them about sticking with trustworthy friends when they go out at night, especially if they drink. Fortunately, in this case, the taxi driver notified the police.


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