Drunk Man Walks Into Hotel Nearly Naked, Claims Theft

The 23-year old Minnetonka resident was missing more than just his passport.

Early in the morning on Oct. 28, a nearly-naked man showed up in the lobby of the West End Doubletree Suites. 

According to a report filed by officers with the St. Louis Park Police Department, front desk staff called for help around 3:15 a.m. when the "heavily intoxicated" 23-year old Minnetonka resident lurched in. He couldn't remember how he arrived at the hotel, and was wearing only a shirt, underwear, and flip-flops. 

Much later that day, the now-sober and presumably chagrined young man walked into police headquarters to report a missing Indian passport, iPhone 4, multiple credit cards, and a pair of pants.

According to the police report, his last coherent memory was of leaving the Loon Cafe in Downtown Minneapolis' Warehouse District in a taxi by himself. By his best recollection, he left his pants in the taxi cab when it dropped him off at an unknown location in St. Louis Park. The report did not elaborate on why he may have removed his pants, or when he may have done so in the course of his revels that night.

By the time he reported the missing items to police, the young man said around $300 or $400 in charges had been placed on the five credit cards in his wallet—three belonged to him, but one belonged to his mother, and another belonged to his roommate. The cards have since been canceled.


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