$40,000 in Jewelry Missing at Lifetime Fitness

A roundup of selected crimes and incidents reported to St. Louis Park Police Oct. 19 to Oct. 27.

An Edina resident exercising reported losing $40,000 worth of jewelry while exercising at the West End Lifetime Fitness gym.

On Oct. 20, the woman told police was showering shortly after 2 p.m., following her work out. She took her three rings off in order to put on lotion, and left the rings on the counter. She then got dressed and left the gym, forgetting the rings on the counter. One—a platinum ring with three diamonds—was valued at $30,000, and the other two were valued at $5,000 apiece.

When the woman realized her mistake and returned to the gym, the rings were gone. Gym staff said no-one had yet turned the rings in.


Oct. 19

The BP gas station at Excelsior and Grand was broken into just before 4:30 a.m., but nothing was taken. Police are investigating.

Police responded to a report of juveniles fighting in the parking lot of the St. Louis Park Rec Center shortly before midnight.

A few minutes before midnight, police were called to intervene in a child custody dispute. The mother was cited for disorderly conduct.

Oct. 20

An 18-year old and a juvenile entered the Knollwood Mall Cub Foods store, ordered $15.27 worth of food from the deli, and tried to sneak the food out of the store. The pair were stopped by store security and reported to police.

A juvenile reported her purse was stolen during a late-morning birthday party at the St. Louis Park Rec Center.

A 28-year old St. Louis Park resident tried to shoplift $87.74 worth of food from the Knollwood Mall Cub Foods store around 1 p.m. The police report says the man told police he had drunk three beers before trying to shoplift.

Oct. 22

The T-Mobile store at Excelsior and Grand was burglarized just before 2 a.m. Police are investigating.

Around 1 p.m., an unknown thief managed to “defeat” the cable lock on a laptop computer meant for public use in a waiting room at the Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital.

A shoplifting incident was reported at the Knollwood Mall Kohl’s store around 10 p.m.

Oct. 23

Police say a 15-year old stole two iPhones from fellow students at St. Louis Park High School. The case has been referred to county attorneys for charging.

Oct. 24

An 89-year old man was found dead of natural causes at Parkwood Shores Assisted Living at 7:30 a.m.

Two kittens were turned in to the St. Louis Park .The kittens were his neighbor’s, the man said, and the neighbor was recently placed in a nursing home, leaving the kittens homeless. The animals have since been taken to the Animal Humane Society.

Oct. 25

A 31-year old Minnetonka resident traveling westbound on Highway 7 was arrested for driving while intoxicated around 11 p.m. According to a police report of the incident, she ran a red light at the Highway 7/Highway 100 intersection and struck a car broadside as it followed a green turn arrow onto an onramp for northbound Highway 100. The victim’s car was spun 180 degrees by the impact. The woman told police she thought she had a green light.

Park Coin was broken into around 2 a.m., and an unknown number of coins were taken.

Oct. 27

Just before 3 a.m., officers were dispatched to a loud party on the 2700 block of Edgewood Avenue South, and reported one party-goer shot a bottle rocket at them.

A homeowner on the 3200 block of Library Lane reported a bicycle was stolen overnight from their unlocked garage. The victim’s car, parked inside the garage, had also been rifled through.


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