Words to Live By

An inspirational quote has me taking stock of what I want to do next year—and beyond.

“Make sure you do whatever it is you want to do”

This was advice given to me by the same person who gave me the . He was telling me to make sure that with whatever I am doing, I need to enjoy it, and do what I want to do.

I decided to not try out for varsity soccer at Bethany Lutheran College for several reasons. I injured my shoulder recently, which is affecting my mobility and strength. I am just starting to enjoy running, and the team does these “run 2 miles in 12 minutes” drills every other day. That intense level of running would not be fun for me. They also practice every day and travel all around the Midwest. I feel like I would get burned out and sick of it.   Also, during my senior year in high school, the varsity soccer team just wasn’t fun for me. It felt like a chore going to practices and games. If anything, I want to have fun. I don’t care about the competition, so I may look into intramural sports at college.

I am going to continue to work out and run on my own, because I enjoy it. It is not a chore for me to go to the gym and lift weights, or do some body weight workouts on my own. Also, I am starting to enjoy the solitude of running and bike rides. But running at almost a sprint under a time constraint just isn’t fun for me.

Having fun with what you’re doing is a concern for me. I want to enjoy my college years and go into a field where I enjoy my work and get satisfaction out of it.

I decided to go into film making and writing because when I make movies in my free time, I have a lot of fun doing it. I think if I could make a comfortable living doing something with movies, television, or writing, I would be satisfied. I got most my general classes out of the way over the past two years, so this fall I believe I’ll be taking classes that are important to me, and I can start furthering my path. I’m making it my goal to live for no regrets. I won’t be that old guy saying, “Oh, I wish I had done that when I was young…”


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