Patch Picks: 5 Thanksgiving Weekend Events

Things to do in the area during our most savory holiday.

Everything is sprinkled with autumnal décor this time of year. Heck, your child has probably already brought home a tracing of their hand, called it a turkey and made you put it on the fridge. But decorations aren't the only thing getting us in the spirit this year.

There is plenty to do in the Cities this Thanksgiving weekend, starting tonight. Just in case you wanted to venture out of the house for a few hours and take in some local happenings, Patch gives you five Thanksgiving weekend events happening in our area:

1) Turkeys On Ice: The may be closed tomorrow, but turkeys sure are welcome to hit the ice today. For free. From 7:30-9:00pm, people of all ages are welcome to come to the indoor ice rink at the Rec, skate countless circles and join in on the fun that is Turkeys On Ice (an earlier session is being held from noon to 1:30 p.m.). 

2) Park Tavern Thanksgiving Brunch: This is serving up what looks to be a savory Thanksgiving meal, packed with gourmet salads, smoked fish, pepper-crusted beef brisket, desserts and the star of the day—turkey. They are also handing out a free hour of bowling for each brunch purchase. 

3) Holiday Gift Show at Knollwood Mall: Each year, throws two big events on its calendar, both happening within a month of each other. Right now through the 27th, Knollwood is having its annual Thanksgiving Gift Show. Head over to the main walking areas of the mall to catch great deals on all sorts of different gift items.  

4) Holidazzle Parade: So Thanksgiving is over, now it's time to bundle up and check out the Twin Cities' ode to the month of December. The annual Holidazzle Parade kicks off Friday evening on Nicollet Mall and runs each weekend through Sunday, Dec. 18. Bring the kids out, say goodbye to Thanksgiving and wave hello to Christmas!

5) IBEW Lights in the Park: If you're up for heading to the other Twin City (St. Paul), the annual IBEW Lights in the Park festivities just got underway for the holiday season yesterday. Hop in the car, grab some hot chocolate and take the trip down a trail that features more than 50 light displays fully equipped with moving sculptures. Prices range from $8-30. 


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