Patch Picks: 5 Great Nail Salons

A handful of places to get your nails done in St. Louis Park.

While St. Louis Park may not be home to a plethora of hyper-local nail salons, there is still a large number of regional and national chains to get your manicure/pedicure done. This week we hopped in our cars with the A/C on high to find five great nail salons in town:

: There is not one particular locale one might expect to find a nail salon. Sandwiched in between GNC and Great Clips, Twin City Nails is no exception. However, the size and cleanliness make this place a perfect stop while you're near the West End.

: If you're walking around Knollwood Mall, Perfect Nail is perfect for a last minute mani/pedi before you head into Kohl's or TJ Maxx. 

: This national chain is located in the heart of the West End shopping district. Walk-ins are welcome and will walk out quite satisfied. 

: Almost hidden, Cupid Nails is the unassuming nail salon of this week's bunch. If you can find it, you'll be intrigued by how friendly the family staff is.

: If going to the salon isn't for you, visit Sally to stock up on essential home manicure and pedicure kits. 

vieng December 13, 2012 at 09:26 PM
i have to disagree Phamily Nails Salon is where its at


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