Parents Talk: Taking Time for Yourself, Your Relationship

How do you get some quality "me time" or a regular date with your significant other when you have children?

I remember being 7 years old and getting paid $8 to not burn the house down as my parents left my older sister and I for their occassional nights out.

The house survived, however there was a close call in later years. And I may have been bruised from a brawl over the TV remote, but all in all, our parents got some much needed time away from sibling rivalry, neediness and so on.

However, looking back, the times when they got out seemed to be few and far between. And I believe it took a irreversible and damaging toll on their marriage.

Your kids are your world, but how are you and/or your significant other able to maintain a piece of your world just for you, beyond the all-family activities?

And with school back in session and with all the soccer games, birthday parties and parent conferences that come with it, it may be hard to get away.

Do you hire a sitter or call Grandma to take care of the kids regularly so you can have a date night or go to dinner with friends? Maybe you find that just reading a book after the kids go to bed lets you escape for a few minutes. Or, do you like to keep your entire family involved in all your activities?

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Todd Svanoe September 15, 2011 at 05:13 PM
Caitlin, Great questions and so important for marriage survival. I have a friend who started Out of the Box Dates out of the same concern, believing overwhelmed couples often lack creativity and ideas for fun. Take a look. She's based in Plymouth. A great line of products, including romantic adventures that take you around the Twin Cities, and they're for new and older relationships. www.outoftheboxdates.com


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