Letter to the Editor: Why I'm Voting For Simon and Latz

"Collaboration builds ownership, and compromise is a cornerstone of democracy."

To the Editor:

As a lifelong Minnesota resident, I pay close attention to what our elected officials say and what they do. I observe their ability to work with people they don't necessarily agree with, because collaboration builds ownership, and compromise is a cornerstone of democracy. Ron Latz and Steve Simon have consistently done what they said they would do.

They both advocate in a firm, yet civil way to represent our district and make our state stronger. They both have an eye on the future; whether it is in preparing our next generation of thinkers and workers through a strong education system or building a better transportation/transit system. They are both realistic about the problems we face right now and are committed to job growth, property tax relief and balancing the budget in a fair manner.

On November 6th, please join me in voting for Ron Latz for State Senate and Steve Simon for House of Representatives Senate District 46.


Pam Rykken


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