Letter to the Editor: Keith Ellison 'Gets It'

A local shows his support for Rep. Keith Ellison's re-election bid.

Dear Editor,

The best campaign slogan this election year comes from Congressman Keith Ellison: EVERYBODY COUNTS, EVERYBODY MATTERS. That says it all, doesn’t it? It shows respect for his constituency—even for those people who didn’t vote for him. It also shows an awareness of his own voting on Capitol Hill. He understands how his legislative action can impact the lives of ALL Americans—not just Minnesotans, but everybody in this country.

Keith Ellison is one of those rare politicians who actually believes in the American Dream. Regardless of color, creed, ethnicity, or ideology, he knows we’re all dreamers in this idealistic country together. He knows that his America is also my America, your America, our America. He really “gets it.” More importantly, he understands that government was designed to help people lead their best lives. That’s why he’s not just a politician, he’s also a public servant.

And everyday, in so many ways, he’s proud to serve his constituents. Just look at what this Congressman can accomplish in a typical workweek. He’s out marching with union demonstrators. He’s cutting through the red tape of VA bureaucracy so veterans and their families can get their deserved benefits. He’s speaking out against injustice and government waste. Then he makes time to appear on TV so he can clarify issues before they become divisive misunderstandings. He’s out there trying to make America work for everybody.

Go online and check out his voting record. He votes in accordance with what he believes. He stands for something. That’s called integrity. For him, doing a good job isn’t about quid pro quos with big campaign contributors. It’s about passing legislation for the common good—and that means helping the little guys who can’t afford to donate big money for his re-election.

For Keith Ellison, it’s about doing the right thing. That’s why he’s more than a public servant. He’s a real statesman.

D.G. Connelly


G WAYNE October 30, 2012 at 05:05 AM
Ellison gets what? He supported the FAILED policy oif the current administraytion. Added $6T to the debt.He spent $47,000 or YOU money.. Look at it this way. The debt IF paid for by the family would be $47,000 per family. Under BHO the average family income dropped to $51,000 per year. Are YOU willing to pay one entire years income for what the federal govenment spent in your name? OR If you make $51K you own $47K pain over the next twenty years... The federal government owes $16T and the GDP is $16T.. ther government will NEVER pay back this debt. Can YOPU afford four more years? WHY? Ellison supports the 25,000 pages of healthcare regulations; regulation which effect how YOU are treated in need of care... Locally he called his opponent a "scum bag" (nice description from a congressional representative)... when he has nothing to run on he blames the other side . MN is in the virge is history. Vote to reset the change we were promised four years ago. If we support Romney, the constitutional path will be reset. We can vote different next time if needed.. IT'S OUR MONEY OUR CHOICE OUR COUNTRY NOT TO BE GIVEN TO THE UN OR THE FAR LEFT. . ..
Jesse Lykken October 30, 2012 at 06:36 AM
Rep. Ellison was WAY too quiet in his opposition to our government's war machine (organizing and leading an anti-war march or two wouldn't mean you are disloyal to President Obama) and I must admit it's one of my guilty pleasures that the Freedom Loving Romneyites just HATE having a person of Ellison's religious persuasion in office. However, Ellison has nothing whatsoever to apologize for his language, or does using the term "scumbag" somehow disqualify one from running for public office? I think it's the most honest utterance I've heard from a politician in years. No, Ellison isn't Marty Sabo, but then again Sabo wasn't Don Fraser. Keith will get better with seasoning. As to the Connelly letter above, a member of Ellison's campaign staff couldn't have done a more thorough job ...
Jesse Lykken October 30, 2012 at 06:39 AM
PS Do GOP supporters ever use their real names? In a free society, I for one like to know whom I'm talking to.
G WAYNE October 30, 2012 at 08:36 AM
Calling an opponent "scumbag " is not a disquifier for office (aside from the fact is is extremely sophmoric). Regarding an honest statement; Ellison was truely using "tranference" to describe his motley behavior. However running with his record is... a disquifier when there are better candidates willing to display a balanced budget, w/less regualations. . His religious persuasion is usually ONLY mentioned by the left side. If he has nothing to appoligize for why did he? Being a congressional representative does not require "seasoning"... it's the seasoning that gets the unrepentant dialogue and left sided federal social programs we do not need and can not afford.
Chris Fields November 04, 2012 at 09:20 PM
Sorry, Ellison supporters but you are choosing to bend reality in order to fit your ideology. The American Civil War lasted four years, in the end Slaves were free in America. In 1955 Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and in 1964 this country passed the Civil Rights Act with D's and R's. In 1961 President Kennedy made his Man to the Moon speech and in 1969 America made it happen. Keith Ellison has been in public office for 10 years now and the people of the Northside, middle class and seniors are no better off. In fact many are worse. It may not be all his fault but he hasn't taken action on key issues like, the worst unemployment gap between Black and White workers and the worst achievement gap in education between Black and White students. His inability to control himself in a debate is not fitting of a leader or statesman but more akin to a whiny child and it really does beg the question is he fit to hold public office? For more than a year I have questioned his commitment and ability to focus on the issues that face this district. For 10 years he has proven he is unreliable and not up to the task. The 5th District has given him enough time and more than a few passes on everything from unpaid parking tickets to unpaid taxes and now conduct unbecoming of a statesman. On Nov 6 we need to send Mr. Ellison packing.


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