Your Guide to Caucuses on Feb. 4 in St. Louis Park

St. Louis Park residents reside in senate district 46. Check here for your caucus location.

Minnesota’s precinct caucuses are Tuesday, Feb. 4, at 7 p.m. Find the location of your caucus by visiting the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website or see below for details. 

St. Louis Park residents reside in senate district 46. This November, a governor and Minnesota U.S. Senator are among the positions that will be elected. For information on what goes on at a caucus, go here.

If you're a Republican...

St. Louis Park District 46 Republicans will meet at four locations:

St. Louis Park Ward 1 (easterly Precincts 1-4) will convene at Torah Academy (2800 Joppa Avenue South).

St. Louis Park Ward 2 (southern Precincts 5-8) will convene at Susan Lindgren Elementary School (4801 West 41st Street).

St. Louis Park Ward 3 (westerly Precincts 9-12) will convene at Aquila Elementary School (8500 West 31st Street).

St. Louis Park Ward 4 (northern Precincts 13-16) will convene at St. Louis Park Middle School (2025 Texas Avenue South).

If you're a Democrat...

St. Louis Park District 46 Democrats will meet at St. Louis Park High School (6425 West 33rd Street).

If you're an Independent...

The Independence Party will be holding an online caucus. Check their website for more information.


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