(VIDEO) In a Sign of Progress, Jablonski Rolls Over

He was also able to hold himself up for nine minutes while on his hands and knees—showing that his core is getting stronger.

Jack Jablonski is continuing to make progress in his rehab at the Courage Center.

Most recently, the hockey player, who sustained a serious spinal cord injury in a game last year, was able to roll over (see video above), and also hold himself up for nine minutes while on his hands and knees.

Jack's mom, Leslie Jablonski, talked about the accomplishments on CaringBridge:

What a week it's been. Lots of good things going on. 

Let's start with more mini miracles...Jack rolled over last week. And over and over and over. At least 10 times on each side. His physical therapist positioned him on a mat and with the use of his hip flexors and core muscles, he rolled over by himself. It was an incredible sight to see! I also saw Jack roll over multiple times during pool therapy. So cool ...

Another "wow" moment was when Jack held himself up for nine minutes while balancing on his hands and knees. Sounds so simple, but it shows how strong his core is getting. Way to go Jack. 

Jack also had a special week with the Minnesota Vikings:

Other highlights from the past week...a visit to the Vikings Training Camp (thanks Brad M), which included a meet-and-greet with the players. Both Jack and Max were in awe of how nice the guys were and they continue to talk about the power of the Vikings' handshakes and the size of their arm muscles. Eat your spinach boys.

To add to the excitement, Jack received an invite from coach Leslie Frazier and linebacker Chad Greenway to blow the Gjallarhorn at last Friday's exhibition game against the Buffalo Bills. Very fun, and a small milestone considering Jack struggled to take a deep breath for a few months after his injury. 

P.S. The Vikings looked good! 

Now, Jack is focusing on another big step—returning to school:

Among many things, we're practicing early morning wake-up calls and backing up bedtime. Keep in mind that both boys have their mom's night owl genes, so this is no easy task. 


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