Twin Cities Has 'Very High' Fire Danger Rating

A "very high" fire danger rating means fires start very easily and spread at a very fast rate.

Update (March 12): The fire danger rating has been downgraded to "low" in Hennepin County.

A mixture of strong winds, dry land and warmer-than-average temperatures has triggered a "very high" fire danger rating in central Minnesota—including St. Louis Park and Hennepin County—according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

A "very high" fire danger means: 

Fires start very easily and spread at a very fast rate. Fires start easily from all causes, spread rapidly and intensify quickly. Spot fires are a constant danger. Fires burning in heavy fuels may quickly develop high-intensity characteristics, such as long-distance spotting and fire whirlwinds. Direct attack at the head of such fires is rarely possible after they have been burning more than a few minutes.

Burning permits are required in Hennepin County during this time.


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