Side Effects Linger as Keller Recovers From Leukemia

The former St. Louis Park baseball player has been tired and nauseous due to antibiotics.

Though it was announced last week that he was , former baseball star Derrick Kelller is still going through the trials and tribulations of recovery.

According to a Monday post on his CaringBridge page, Keller has been tired and nauseous due to antibiotics:

Derrick had his check-up on Friday, and Linda and I went along to talk to his doctor. Derrick still has some infections, and they are treating them now. He has to have a bronchoscopy tomorrow. This is when they put a tube down your throat to check the lung. The doc wants to make sure he has no infection there. The cat-scan showed something, and they want to get a sample.

So what the problems are, is you get these infections, they treat them, and all the drugs have side effects. So DK is feeling pretty good but he has had a lot of nausea, he is tired a lot, and his back hurts from the kidneys swelling. These are all side effects from the anti-biotics. It's not like getting a 10 day dose of amoxicillin, these are some high powered anti-biotics. It's all part of the new immune system. It's just too bad he had to get all these infections.

Another thing I found interesting was we have to keep the house closed with the air on. No open windows. Derrick still has to wear a mask when he goes outside, so no open windows to keep all the pollen, dust, and all the other bad things out. So much for going out and getting some fresh air.........

On Tuesday morning, Keller's family reported that he woke up with "the shakes" and still feeling nauseous, so he's headed back to the hospital.


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