Max Jablonski Pens a Poem for His Brother, Jack

Jack Jablonski sustained a serious spinal cord injury during a hockey game last year.

With his older brother Jack rehabbing at the Sister Kenny Institute in Minneapolis, Max Jablonski penned a touching poem recently.

Jack Jablonski, a sophomore hockey player, sustained a serious spinal cord injury during a game last year. Max, 13, wrote the following poem, which was posted on Jack's CaringBridge page today:

The last year

was not a good year,

the ending feeling like a spear.

So many emotions, most being fear.

All questions with answers, far from clear.

That fateful day struck the first tear.


All had been right,

optimism in sight.

But in one second I was on a crazy flight.

He had lost the fight,

a difficult night.

The results were not light.


Lives changed in an instant,

the old being distant.

The only way to fight back was to be persistent.

To never give up hope

is the only way to cope

going through this crazy slope.


Your life flashes by,

all you’re able to say is why?

Sometimes it's all right to cry,

but there’s hope that one day he'll beat all expectations and defy.


-Max Jablonski

April 2012


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