Leslie Jablonski: 'We Take so Many Things for Granted'

A recent hectic experience had Jack Jablonski's mother realizing that small problems are just that—small.

Below is the latest post on Jack Jablonski's CaringBridge page. Jablonski, a sophomore, sustained a serious spinal cord injury during a hockey game last year.

In the post, Jack's mother, Leslie, says she admires the person he's become and encourages all of us not to take the little things in life for granted:

It's Thursday night. My boys are at the Hobey Baker Memorial Award Banquet. Our family was very graciously invited by the Board to attend this prestigious event. We were all looking forward to it. Myself included. 

However, as 5 PM approached, I started to panic as I suspected the next hour would be complete chaos. Max had a baseball game, Mike was navigating traffic on his way from work to Max's game. I had the task of getting Jack ready for the banquet. The plan was to leave by 6 PM, otherwise we'd be late for the dinner. 

One of the more challenging aspects of our day is getting Jack dressed. I admire anyone who can do this with ease. Hopefully that day will come, but I'm not there yet. 

Let's just say tonight was anything but smooth sailing. For starters, I had to buy new dress clothes for Jack since his are in storage while we renovate our house. But, I bought Jack the wrong size pants. Discovered this after I got them on and transferred him back into his chair from the bed. We got the shirt on, then I didn't know what to do. 

At that point Mike and Max came barreling into the apartment, surprised to see that Jack wasn't ready and that I was a complete mess. Max took the quickest shower ever while Mike grabbed a pair of his pants for Jack. Way too big, but a much better fit considering Jack shouldn't wear anything too tight because it could trigger AD (autonomic dysreflexia, a potentially dangerous condition common to people with spinal cord injuries).

The two of us managed to switch the pants and finished getting Jack ready. Mike disappeared only to emerge a few minutes later in a suit and tie, even Max was all set. All three of my boys were looking sharp and ready to go. 

I stood there, knowing it would take more than a few seconds to pull myself together, so I sent them on their way. My apologies to the Hobey Baker crew. Didn't mean to miss the event. 

I shut the door, then burst into tears. I really wanted to go but couldn't make the boys late. I felt like Cinderella in my woe-is-me moment, especially as I cleaned up the tornado of a mess that was left behind in everyone's haste to get out the door. 

Then the self pity quickly turned into shame. How dare I feel bad for myself. Not a moment goes by when I don't wonder why this tragedy happened to Jack. It's completely unfair yet he has the strength and courage to move forward and do whatever it takes to get through each and every day. 

We take so many things for granted, like putting on our socks and shoes, yet simple daily tasks don't come easy to Jack anymore. I so admire the person he is and nothing makes me more proud to say that I am his (and Max's) mom.

And speaking of being a mom, thank you for all of the Mother's Day wishes. I hope it was a special day for all. 


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