Jablonski Has a Scare

His blood pressure spiked during a recent therapy session.

"Sometimes we forget how vulnerable we can be," wrote Jack Jablonski's mom, Leslie, on her son's CaringBridge page Thursday.

This was in response to a recent scare Jack had. While doing a therapy session at the Courage Center, his blood pressure spiked and he said his stomach felt "cold."

Leslie Jablonski said she doesn't know what caused the incident, and Jack has gotten better. Here is her full CaringBridge post:

Sometimes we forget how vulnerable we can be. 

Despite Jack's strength and determination to defeat all odds, incidents occur that remind us of how fragile he really is. We experienced one of those situations today. 

Think of it as a reality check. 

Jack's blood pressure spiked during his stepping workout in the ABLE program. He said his stomach felt cold. Kind of odd since he's not supposed to feel sensation below the level of injury. 

Am I concerned? Yes. But then I wonder what this is all about. What's with this feeling? Key word is "feeling," yet it seems to be an oxymoron. An increase in blood pressure is not a good thing, but his feeling below the point of injury makes me optimistic. Sort of. 

We never did determine the exact cause of Jack's condition, which finally subsided after time. But it sent me into a tizzy. We're thrilled with Jack's progress yet we need to remind ourselves that his road to recovery is a long one. Although he is much stronger, he's prone to setbacks that can knock our socks off. 

And speaking of knocking our socks off, Jack made it to the "Courage in Sports" finals! 

We really appreciate all of your support. Only five more days until the winner is determined. 

We think Jack's determination and courage are worthy of this title. If you agree, please  continue to cast your vote daily at: facebook.com/CourageInSports

Let's make our boy the 2012 America's Choice Honoree. 


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