Jablonski in ER—Again

The Benilde-St. Margaret's hockey player has been in and out of the hospital in recent weeks.

Jack Jablonski is back in the hospital for the second time since being last month.

According to a post on his CaringBridge page, the sophomore has been up and down as he recovers from a serious spinal cord injury sustained in a hockey game last year.

Jablonski was discharged from rehab on April 18, following 111 days in a hospital bed. But a week later, he was back in the hospital feeling ill. An appearance on the Target Field mound to throw out the first pitch at a Twins game with his brother, Max, was scratched as a result.

He left the hospital again earlier this month, but returned on Monday, his mother, Leslie, wrote on CaringBridge:

As some of you have heard, Jack was admitted into the ER on Monday morning, only to be sent upstairs to the 8th floor - again - same room as before, just a few weeks ago. Only this time, he knows the guy in the room next door....another hockey player that he had played with years ago, We're thrilled to report that all is going well with him. Whew! 

But really, what are the chances that you would land in the hospital again, three weeks after being released for the second time, and that you'd wind up in the same exact room? Then take that one step further and surprise, another hockey pal ends up in the room next to you. We're supposed to meet up in the hockey rink after all these years, not side by side in the hospital. 

But, at least Jack is doing better too. We're waiting for test results and hoping that his docs are able to figure out a plan to prevent these frequent mishaps from sending us to the ER every few weeks. Please. 

As always, we really appreciate your thoughts and prayers. It's your support that gets us through these tougher-than-tough of times. 


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