Jablonski Doing Well Since Second Discharge

The Benilde-St. Margaret's hockey player has been out of the hospital for a week.

Jack Jablonski is doing well since his second hospital discharge, his mother reports on his CaringBridge page.

Jablonski, the sophomore who sustained a serious spinal cord injury during a hockey game last December, was on April 18 after 111 days in the hospital.

But Jablonski suffered a setback and was soon readmitted to the hospital. He a week ago. His mother, Leslie Jablonski, posted the following on CaringBridge:

Jack is doing well...things are settling down after our surprise visit back to the hospital. Tuesday marks one week since he was discharged, again. He's immersed in his rehab program at Courage Center and we're adjusting well to life outside the hospital. Hoping to keep it that way!

She also said she hopes her family can move back into their home come fall. The house is , while the family is currently living in an accessible apartment:

Speaking of September, it would be nice to fast-forward to the fall. Not to wish time away, but I have visions of our family back in our house by then. The renovation is under way and exciting to watch. We're anxious to bring Jack back home and we're beyond grateful to everyone involved with the project and how their support will allow us to do so.


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