Jablonski Takes a Short, Chuckle-Worthy Trip

The injured Benilde-St. Margaret's hockey player took the skyway to the Global Market on Sunday.

Jack Jablonski left rehab on Sunday—at least for a short while.

The Benilde-St. Margaret's sophomore hockey player, who suffered a serious spinal cord injury during a game on Dec. 30, took a trip to the Global Market on Sunday with his family.

According to a post on his CaringBridge page, Jablonski made his way to the market via the skyway system, but not before a few wrong turns:

They say laughter is the best medicine, and Jack has certainly had a good dose of chuckles. For instance, yesterday we decided to take him to the Global Market. The journey from Sister Kenny to the market, two blocks away via skyway, provided many funny moments for the small parade of friends that joined us. 

For starters, the elevator in the skyway that links from the hospital to the Global Market was out of service and triggered a comedy of errors. We backtracked to a parking garage where we were able to access an elevator, but then we had to head outside to Chicago Avenue. We ventured through a parking lot, tackled wood chips, mulch and mud (see attached photo), and eventually found our way to a ramp and into the Global Market. The tricky trek gave us lots of laughs, but also a newfound appreciation for all things accessible.

Jablonski is also making progress in rehab, his family reports:

Jack mastered a few small milestones this weekend. He was able to pick up one-inch cubes and cotton balls with his right hand thumb and index finger. He also grasped onto tortilla chips and fed himself. So simple, yet so huge. We never expected him to do this because of his medical prognosis. Imagine how thrilled we were.


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