Jablonski Showing More Movement, Sensation

The injured Benilde-St. Margaret's hockey player has reportedly been moving his right leg.

Jack Jablonski's mother, Leslie, said she couldn't help but share the good news, even if Jack would "scold her" for it.

According to a post on CaringBridge, Jack has been showing more movement and sensation below the level of his injury. The hockey player sustained a during a game on Dec. 30, 2011.

Jack's also been making great strides in strengthening his core during rehab work, Leslie Jablonski reports.

The full CaringBridge update follows:

Once again, time flies by in between posts. 

To say that we've been busier than usual is an understatement. Lots going on. All good things too. 

Ready for a few, okay, quite a few, updates? Jack has been doing incredibly well in rehab. He's looking and feeling stronger than ever since his injury occurred. Knock on wood. He'll scold me for writing this, but I do have to share the good news...he's had even more movement and sensation below the level of his injury. 

We're all cautiously optimistic, and Jack is probably the most skeptical one of all. Whenever he does something new - like moving his left wrist, feeling his lower back crack, or moving his right leg (again and again) for one of our PCA's - I get excited and burst into tears or a sport a really huge grin. Jack will roll his eyes and tell me to settle down. Really? 

Other new and exciting happenings - Jack has been operating a manual wheel chair all by himself; stood to 90 degrees in the standing frame (that's the highest you can go) without altering his blood pressure; and he stood on a stimulating machine and did sit ups, both with assistance, but it was a big WOW to watch. His core is also getting stronger and he's holding himself up straight while doing the ABLE stepping program. 

You should have seen Jack yesterday when he navigated through the OT kitchen, opening the fridge, cracking eggs, stirring with a spoon. He even made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (yum!) with his therapist. See the photo of him licking the dough. The contraption on his hand is a tenodesis and it helps him with finger movement and ability. He picked up a pen and wrote "Jabs 13" a few weeks ago when he used it for the first time. 

Lots of jaw-dropping, smile-making moments for mom. 

myrna July 14, 2012 at 01:53 AM
Not one thing online better to read as I wrap up my day. '93 alumna living in Northampton, MA has sent prayers since New Year's Day. More to follow. Your family is unceasingly inspirational.


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