Jablonski Has His 'Ups and Downs'

Some days in rehab make the injured BSM hockey player "dizzy," but he is making progress overall.

Jack Jablonski is having his "ups and downs" in rehab, but his family reports he is still making strides.

Jablonski, a sophomore hockey player who was paralyzed by a hit he took in a game on Dec. 30, is currently at the Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Minneapolis.

On his CaringBridge page, his family says that sometimes Jablonski gets "nauseous or dizzy" after his rehab work:

He had a good day, made some great strides, but then he felt exhausted and nauseous after a hard day's work. Guess that's to be expected, but we hope it eases up soon. 

The good news is that Jack has done some remarkable things during therapy this week. He was able to raise his right arm and feed himself...with the help of his therapist, but how awesome is that? He also sat up for seven hours yesterday (as compared to just an hour less than two weeks ago), and he was able to sit up by himself today and use his arms to balance and hold himself in place.

We're so proud of Jack's determination and positive attitude. He has inspired us all beyond belief. And even when the chips are down, he still manages to keep a smile on his face. 



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