Historical Society Uncovers Details of Mystery Photo

The photo turns out to have been taken in a neighboring community.

The St. Louis Park Historical Society has solved the mystery of a previously unidentified photo found in its archive.

In an e-mail, Robbinsdale City Engineer Richard McCoy wrote that the photo was taken looking east on County Road 9, near the New Hope and Crystal boundary and about 80 yards west of Kentucky Avenue.

The photo shows a ribbon cutting on a neighborhood street. Historical Society Trustee Jeanne Andersen says she found the photo in the collection but no one could identify where it came from, where it was shot or who the people in the photo are.

In September, Andersen posted the photo on the “Flashbacks of St. Louis Park” Facebook page. It got dozens of comments from people speculating where it could’ve been taken.

The mystery hasn’t been completely solved, though.

“Now the questions are, which jurisdiction is the action taking place, what is taking place, and (most importantly) where can I send this picture?,” Historical Society Trustee Jeanne Andersen


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