Sopranos to Close, Figlio Moving in to West End

Sopranos chef J.P. Samuelson will stay on at the new restaurant.

After barely a year of business,  at will be closing, and a former Uptown favorite is moving in.

The Star Tribune reports that Figlio will be taking over the space, and that Kam Talebi, who operates , is behind the effort.

The paper notes that Sopranos' last day will be July 29, and the goal is to open Figlio on Sept. 24.

"It had a great stay, and we've been happy with it," Talebi told the Star Tribune of Sopranos. "But this was such a unique opportunity. I couldn't let it pass by."

Sopranos chef J.P. Samuelson will reportedly stay put and work on Figlio's menu. You can read more about Samuelson—and the opening of Sopranos last year—in this .

Maureen July 19, 2012 at 11:03 PM
I REALLY hope that they bring back the Figlio Club on foccacia with roasted red pepper mayo and their famous roasted potatos!!! I used to go there once a week for that sandwich and havn't found another to replace it.
Emily B July 20, 2012 at 02:45 PM
We ate at Soprano's for the first (and only) time just a week ago, and unfortunately, can't say this surprises me. Best of luck for the new Figlio location! West End is such a great place for SLP residents, I really hope people continue to come out to support it!


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