Remember This SLP Inventor on '48 Hours?'

Scott Olson appeared on the CBS show to talk about his life inventing products—including the Rollerblade.

Scott Olson didn't invent the concept of rollerblades, but the St. Louis Park native did perfect the toy and found Rollerblade, Inc., in 1979.

In an undated "48 Hours" segment (see video above), Scott discussed the invention of the Rollerblade—and how he subsequently lost control of the company. He also talked about how he wasn't done inventing things, with products like the new rowbike coming out.

Best as we can tell, the rowbike was first sold in 1997, so because this segment featured Olson doing some product testing, we'd guess the airdate was sometime in the early- to mid-1990s. But if you know exactly when this segment aired, please let us know by posting a comment below.

(Hat tip to John Froom for alerting us to this video)

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