Answers to Film Fest Movie Trivia

Our winner is getting two tickets to the Twin Cities Film Fest, which begins this week.

Update: We have a winner! Michael Cox was the first person to email us all the correct answers. A few others got them all right, but just weren't as quick on the draw. You can see the questions—and answers—below.

Original post: The 2012 Twin Cities Film Fest starts Friday at the ShowPlace Icon Theater in St. Louis Park, and Patch wants to help you get in the door.

First, make sure you're signed up for our daily newsletter. Then, be the the first person to correctly email us the answers to the movie trivia questions listed below. The winner will receive two tickets to any showing, except on opening and closing nights.

Want more from the Twin Cities Film Fest? Check out our handy guide, which includes showtimes and links for getting tickets.


  1. Jeff Bridges, who is featured in opening night documentary "A Place at the Table," has an older brother who also acts. What is his name?
  2. Steven Spielberg's classic "E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial" will have a special screening during the film fest. Which child actress famously screamed when she first saw E.T. during the movie?
  3. Speaking of "E.T.," what candy was used to lure the namesake alien?
  4. "Silver Linings Playbook," the film fest's centerpiece film, stars Jennifer Lawrence, who starred as Katniss Everdeen in "The Hunger Games." What district did Katniss come from in the story?
  5. Bradley Cooper also stars in "Silver Lining Playbook." Cooper was a member of the "wolfpack" in what comedy film?
  6. "Silver Lining Playbook" recently took top honors at the Toronto Film Fest. Which two films in the past four years that won the Academy Award for Best Picture also won in Toronto?
  7. "The Rhymesayers European Tour," which will give a behind-the-scenes view of the Twin Cities’ Rhymesayers record label, will debut during the film fest. "Slug" and "Ant" make up what Rhymesayers rap group?
  8. Counting this year, how long has the Twin Cities Film Festival called the ShowPlace Icon home?



Answers: 1) Beau Bridges 2) Drew Barrymore 3) Reese's Pieces 4) District 12 5) The Hangover 6) The King's Speech and Slumdog Millionaire 7) Atmosphere 8) Two years


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