SLP's Keller Now 100 Days Removed From Bone Marrow Transplant

The former Park baseball player is battling leukemia.

Former baseball player Derrick Keller is now 100 days removed from a bone marrow transplant as he continues to battle leukemia, according to a post on his CaringBridge page.

Keller is set for a spinal tap and bone marrow check tomorrow, as doctors make sure there is no more leukemia in his body.

Here is the complete CaringBridge post from Thursday night:

Derrick's trip to the clinic on Monday was just ok. His creatine was up a little, which is not what we wanted to see. It has come down a little since, so that is good. Derrick has gone to the clinic every day this week. Tomorrow is the big day +100. It has been 100 days since the transplant, and no, it has not gone by fast. He will have a spinal tap, and bone marrow check on Friday. This will be to make sure there is not any more leukemia in DK's body.

This has been a very tough week for me. With the baseball season starting, this is the first time in 12 years, where Derrick isn't playing at the start of it. It is so hard having to see DK in pain on our couch, instead of at Dakota field playing shortstop for the town team.

Derrick and I were watching the Park High School team, playing on the local TV channel this week. John Froom and Steve Hallfin were doing the commentary. At the end of the game they talked a little about DK, and what he has gone through. They both said some real nice things about Derrick, and right at the end Steve said, "You watch, DK will be back here at Dakota field playing this summer." Steve, you have no idea how good that was to hear, for both of us..................


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