Governor Declares January ‘Radon Action Month’

The Minnesota Department of Health is partnering with more than 40 local public health agencies to provide free or low-cost radon test kits.

More than 40 percent of Minnesota homes have dangerous levels of radon gas,  the Minnesota Department of Health announced Monday. That’s why Gov. Mark Dayton has declared January "Radon Action Month" in Minnesota.

Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that comes from the soil. More than 21,000 lung cancer deaths in the United State each year are from radon.

Radon is everywhere, but it’s particularly dangerous indoors, where it can concentrate. Both old and new homes can have unsafe amounts of radon. The state Health Department estimates that one in three Minnesota homes have high levels of radon, and 80 percent of the counties in the state are rated high-radon zones.

Click on the PDF to the right of this article to read more about radon or click here.

Residents are encouraged to test their homes for radon, a process that’s easiest in winter. Testing only takes three to five days.

For Radon Action Month, more than 40 local public health agencies—including Hennepin County—have partnered with the agency to make over 8000 radon test kits available for free or low cost. For further details, Hennepin County residents can contact:

Hennepin County Human Services and Public Health Department

  • 1011 S 1st St, Suite 215
  • Hopkins, MN 55343
  • Phone: 612-543-5200

Minnesotans can also purchase discounted radon test kits online directly from the following manufacturers:

Air Chek, Inc.—a manufacturer of short term radon test kits.

Landauer, Inc.—a manufacturer of long term radon gas test kits.

  • Reference promo code: MN4RADON for a 49% discount on the radon test kit price.
  • Order online at www.getaradontest.com

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